Protect your electronics and equipment with surge protectors

How important is data to a company?  How about any electronic equipment they have?  Imagine losing both of these things at the same time.  While it may not be something you’ve considered, that is exactly what a major power surge can do.  For many businesses, this could be a major blow. Some may struggle to recover from the damage to property and loss of data.  Losing information such as customer data can result in an instant loss of revenue.  Combine that with the cost of replacing the destroyed equipment and the result is a hurdle that may be too high for some companies to clear.

Power surges can come from many different places.  Faulty wiring, improperly working equipment, and lightning can all create large surges.  Protecting against these is essential for any company.  It may be helpful to think of surge protection as an inexpensive insurance policy for valuable equipment and data.  Power surges are far more common that many realize.  When you consider the potential cost of damage from power surges with the low price of a system to protect your infrastructure, and preparation becomes the obvious choice.

How much do surge protection systems cost?

Companies can protect their system and equipment at a reasonable expense.  The first step is to install a surge suppression system.  These systems will vary based on the size and amount of equipment being protected.  Each system will have different components.  Surge protection devices (SPD) or transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS) are terms regularly used to describe the devices installed.  They typically are individual units installed on anything with current running through it.  Power distribution panels, communication systems, heavy-duty industrial systems, or computer servers are some types of equipment that should have protection.

When deciding on which type of surge protectors to get, cost will be a major factor.  Every company must determine the risk versus the benefit when determining how much to spend on anything, including preventative safety measures.  Lyncole’s systems are amazingly affordable – often we are able to protect the equipment in your building for a price that equals just a few dollars a month.  When looking at these systems, budget is not the only factor.  Any equipment you opt to use should be rated to provide sufficient protection for your individual needs.  Look at specifications like clamping voltage (also known as let-through voltage), which shows how much of a spike will be needed to divert power.  The lower the number, the better the rating will be.  Another factor that is important is response time.  There are always small delays with the protectors which can let unwanted power through.  A better system will have a correspondingly faster response time.

Is a surge protector system all my facility needs?

The surge protectors will protect devices from power bursts, but it’s also important to have the building grounded.  Electrical grounding is the connecting of the electrical system to the ground beneath the building.  This is done to limit the risk of current running through un-insulated panels that can result in shock.  This current, commonly known as fault current, can cause major injury or even death.  By properly installing a grounding system, the fault current will be harmlessly diverted into the ground.

Properly safeguarding your building and the electronic equipment inside can protect you from major expenses and issues later.  The benefit is easily worth the commitment.


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