Lyncole is proud to partner with Applications Technologies as our lighting warning solution. The ATStorm® is a state of the art, patented, site-specific solution that is the most technologically advanced Lightning Warning system available today. Having information about the risk of thunderstorms allows for preventive measures to protect today’s modern operations. Lightning Warning is a key part of Total Site and Facility Protection for sensitive electronics, prevention of losses in industrial processes, assuring basic service continuity, and prevention of serious accidents.

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Lightning Warning Technical Specifications 

Download the ATSTORM®v2 Technical Specifications by clicking here: ATSTORM®v2 Technical Specifications

Alarm levels are configurable so it is easily adapted to the user’s necessities.

The typical levels, recommended by VFC Lightning Protection and Lyncole XIT are also implemented as predetermined values in the equipment.

When the risk of lightning strike is high or when a given alarm level is reached, ATSTORM®v2 can be programmed to execute different automatic actions that will reduce potential damage, for example:

  • Send an SMS
  • Activate a sonorous and/or visual alarm
  • Connect UPS and generators
  • Disconnect sensitive equipment

ATSTORM® v2 is provided with software, that is installed in a PC connected to the interface, which stores the data from the electric field every second. For example, according to the requirements of its uses, depending on electric field threshold levels, etc., producing a record that can be analyzed later.

ATSTORM®v2 can save electric field data (4 GB) each second or when an event happens, for historic analysis. It is possible to access the data through an external USB memory stick or in a shared folder if the equipment is connected to a network.

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