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Interesting Fact:  Electricity travels at the speed of light, more than 186,000 miles per second.
Interesting Fact:  A spark of static electricity can measure up to 3,000 volts.

What is Lyncole XIT Grounding System?

Lyncole is a company that is focused on electrical protection and grounding.  They have set the industry standard with their systems which have been installed in over 50,000 locations in 92 different countries.

What makes the Lyncole XIT Grounding system superior to others?

  • Lyncole has the most experienced staff in the industry
  • Total site protection as an approach that gives you the best insurance for personnel, structures, or equipment
  • Engineers use a modulated computer based calculation program
  • Three dimensional representation to predetermine the achieved resistance to earth
  • Grounding System is designed to have a 50 year serviceable life giving anyone using it peace of mind

Industries We Work With:

What is included in the Lyncole XIT Grounding systems?

Lyncole's different grounding systems can include anything from ground test meters to HiPot testers.  Lyncole also offers personally developed ground resistance monitoring systems which provides an early warning for a ground systems loss of integrity or deterioration.

How long ago was the Lyncole XIT Grounding system invented?

The first system design was developed in the early 1970s and originally called the XIT Rod.  Lyncole XIT Grounding was founded in 1985 with goal of using their system to provide the best products and services in the electrical protection and grounding.

Grounding System Installation - What is Involved?

This will vary greatly depending on what is designed by the engineer and each specific install site.  Most installs will usually consist of a conductive rod with connections that run to it.  Based on the size and what each structure is running will determine the size and specific needs of each grounding system.

What is PolyPhaser?

PolyPhaser is a company many consider to be the leader in surge and lightning protection.  They first established patents in 1982 and have used those designs as a foundation to expand their lightning protection platforms.  They now include DC Pass, DC Block, Bias-T, board level protection, Low PIM and customized integrated solutions.


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