Grounding System - XIT Deep Well Model

The K4-11DW deep well electrode length is 11 feet. The top end of the electrode is an 8.5 inch long section made of a 2 inch diameter type K copper tube that is soldered to a reducer to join the lower 10 foot section made of a 4 inch diameter type K hard tube.

The K4-11DW is permanently capped on the top and bottom. This deep well electrode is not filled with Calsolyte salts, in-stead it has holes, allowing the tube to fill with water.

For installation, a 6 inch diameter hole is drilled to a depth that is at least 12 feet below the water table to ensure the deep well electrode is fully submerged in water. Lower the KD-11DW deep well in the hole. Fill in the hole with soil.


  • Custom configurations are available, including conductor type and length. Please contact Lyncole for details.
  • The K4 rod does not utilize Calsolyte®
  • No hazardous materials or chemicals are used in producing the Deep Well electrodes