Grounding System - XIT L-Shaped Model

The Lyncole XIT Grounding System is available in an “L”-Shaped model for environments that don’t allow a Straight Shaft installation. The “L”-Shaped model has the same features and benefits of the Straight Shaft model.

  • Active grounding system constantly replenishes moisture into soil
  • Lowest resistance to ground
  • System performance improves over time
  • Season to season system stability
  • 30-year maintenance-free warranty
  • No hazardous materials or chemicals

Standard Models

K2L-10CS: 10′ “L”-Shaped model with 10′ horizontal length and 3′ vertical riser
K2L-20CS: 20′ “L”-Shaped model with 20′ horizontal length and 3′ vertical riser

Custom configurations and non-resonant lengths for RF applications are also available.