Our grounding solution efforts are designed to prevent downtime and equipment failure during lightning storms, saving businesses upwards of $500,000 per hour. We have the most experienced staff in the lightning protection industry with over 30 years, and clients across the globe. To prevent downtime and equipment failure we use our XIT® Grounding System, which is the original patented ground rod system that has been used by virtually all industry leaders

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Benefits of Lyncole Grounding Systems 

  • Lyncole's engineering team utilizes state-of-the-art testing equipment to test grounding solution systems around the world
  • Done scientifically, our Grounding Systems provide solutions that secure operations and protect infastructures
  • Site specific engineering solutions and installations
  • XIT® Grounding System is the original patented ground rod system
  • 30-year maintenance-free warranty
  • 50-year life expectancy 

Grounding Products

Lyncole was the original patent holder of the XIT Electrolytic Ground Rod that has become a protection standard in the Total Site & Facility Protection industry. Learn more about the grounding solutions we have to offer below.    

XIT® Grounding Systems
XIT® Straight Shaft - First and original patented electrolytic ground rod system
L-Shaped - For environments that do not allow Straight Shaft installation 
XIT® Deep Well - Fully submerged application 
Lynconite II® Backfill - Improves ground system performance 
Lyncole XIT® Grounding Gravel® - Alternative to XIT Grounding System
Cover Boxes - Protective covers for your XIT System  

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Engineering & Design Grounding Services

Lyncole XIT® Grounding has the largest staff of full time Grounding Solutions, Lightning Protection, Surge Suppression and Lightning Warning engineers in the industry that we helped create! Over 50,000 Lyncole XIT® rods have been installed across the globe. Each grounding solutions system we design is site specific and installed by our engineering experts. Do what over 20,000 businesses in over ninety countries have done and contact the engineering experts in Total Site & Facility Protection.    

Learn why our grounding solutions services are unmatched:

We Create Grounding System Designs for a Variety of Industries!


Additional Electrical Protection
Lugs and Connectors
Ground Bus Bars
Exothermic Materials

Partnered Products

Lyncole is proud to partner with other industry leaders in meter manufacturing. Our meter partners are Megger® and AEMC®. From Ground test meters, TDRs and Megohmmeters, Lyncole can provide the industry best for your use.

AEMC® Products
Megger® Products
GRM 2000RS

Grounding Education Services

Lyncole provides public and private grounding education courses where attendees can get real world and up-to-date experience combined with hands-on demonstration. Industry leaders such as T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and NASA send their staff to us for training. Learn more here.

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