Ground Reistance Monitor

GRM 2000 RS

The Lyncole GRM 2000 RS monitors ground resistance and features adjustable alarm limits. With the RS232 interface, the ground resistance can be remotely moni-tored and the system controlled using a PC via serial, ethernet or web. You can monitor your critical mountain top facility from the comfort of your home or office. The GRM 2000 RS consists of the meter and sensing head. The meter is mounted in a convenient location and the sensor is installed on the grounding conductor. To measure the grounding system resistance, the GRM method does not need the grounding electrode to be disconnected from the electrical sys-tem. This system utilizes multiple electric utility safety grounds as the return path. It assumes that because there are multiple parallel return paths, this return has very low re-sistance. The unit induces voltage into the grounding electrode via the grounding electrode conductor, measures the resulting current then calculates the resistance.

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  • GRM ground resistance monitor GRM 2000
  • GRM 2000 RS ground resistance monitor