Lyncole Grounding Gravel - Ground Enhancement Material

The "Quick" Alternative

Lyncole’s Grounding Gravel™ is an alternative, and ground enhancement material, for use when installing Lyncole’s XIT™ Grounding systems. This pelletized form of Lynconite is particularly beneficial for installations involving standing water and can be beneficial for use at other times. Grounding Gravel™ is based on a natural earth clay formed by volcanic action. Although used in many different applications, it is extremely beneficial for grounding applications. Grounding Gravel™ is also environmentally safe, having met the NSF standard 60 requirements for long-term contact with drinking water.
Grounding Gravel™ has all the qualities of an excellent backfill material for grounding electrodes and conductors.

Grounding Gravel™ is highly conductive which improves the ground system performance. It’s nearly neutral pH also promotes a long life of grounding electrodes and/or grids by protecting them from surrounding soil which may be very corrosive. This is one of the factors that allow Lyncole’s XIT™ grounding systems to be warranted for 30 years with a life expectancy of 50 years.

Each 50 lb. bag provides approximately 1.0 cubic feet of backfill material.

Grounding Gravel Benefits:

  • Easily Installed
  • Provides Good Electrical Bond to Earth
  • Very Conductive Electrically
  • Very Protective of Copper
  • Lowers Ground System Resistance