Telecomm & Data Center Lightning Protection

Emergency Communication Operators play one of the most vital roles in the Telecom and Data Center Industry. When disaster strikes we call 911, our family members and loved ones, and then we turn on our laptops, phones, or televisions to get the latest breaking news. Although these systems are reliable, they are not entirely protected when it comes to a potential lightning damage. This is where Lyncole steps in. 

Data Center Lightning Protection at Lyncole

Lyncole XIT Grounding specializes in customized grounding system designs to provide Telecommunication and Data Centers Lightning Protection. Our engineers specialize in the requirements set out in standards published by industry organizations such as the TIA, NEC, IEEE and even manufacturer requirements from communications equipment suppliers such as Harris and Motorola. Our full-time staff of engineers provides the full range of lightning protection systems from the design phase through the onsite installation.

We understand that the continually advancing wireless communications world requires the most advance systems available. Lyncole is the only company to maintain a full time staff of engineers who can provide these unique products and services that result in Total Site and Facility Data Center Lightning Protection.

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Lyncole's Data Center Lightning Protection Solutions:

Our Data Center Lightning Protection Services

Why You Need Data Center Lightning Protection

Downtime caused by transient currents and lightning faults can lead to costly damage or destruction of telecome or data centers. To ensure that downtime does not occur, it is important for the Telecommunication and Data Center Facilities to protect their valuable and sensitive equipment. Proper grounding is key in eliminating downtime, but is often disregarded. True transient current lightning protection starts from the ground up. Investing in quality grounding, data center lightning protection, data center surge suppression, and lightning warning technology will ensure that external surges and transient currents do not damage modern communications systems.

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