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Total Site & Facility Lightning Protection

Innovation is in our DNA, starting over 40 years ago as we set the industry standard with the originally patented, active Lyncole XIT® Grounding System. Our XIT® Grounding System is only one of our innovative products. We continue to raise the bar of performance by providing the best products and services in Grounding, Lightning Protection, Surge Suppression, and Lightning Warning Systems. We don’t just deliver products, we deliver total site and facility protection. Learn more about how these products can benefit your company by clicking below.

Grounding Solutions

The Lyncole XIT® grounding system has been the assured system for 30 years, and the one our competitors aim to equal. Our engineers build site-specific grounding solutions for your businesses needs!

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Lightning Protection System

With over 100 years of engineering experience, we provide the most advanced lightning protection systems for your site and facility! We are dedicated to creating and innovating new products and solutions for our clients.

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Surge Suppression Solutions

We are proud to work with the industry leaders in surge suppression! Our partners include ABB®, T&B®, and PolyPhaser® who create surge suppression products that directly compliment our total site and facility protection.

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Lightning Warning System

The ATStorm® is the most technologically advanced Lightning Warning System Available today. Prevent system failure with our Lightning Warning System! 

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