Grounding Solutions

Our science based engineering is who we are and it results in the high performance system products and services that we deliver. A pioneer in the facility protection industry, we have the largest staff of full time grounding engineers in the industry. We “engineer” solutions for your site specific grounding needs. Read how we continually deliver superior customer experiences through our innovative grounding products, engineering, design, and installation and education services below.

Grounding Solutions Products

We are proud that the Lyncole XIT® Grounding System has been manufactured since the early 1970s. The system is warranted for 30 years and is the standard that competitors strive to equal. Along with an expected 50 year serviceable life, the systems provide unmatched performance and stable resistance through the changing seasons. Read the following information to see all the details of these systems that others imitate but cannot duplicate.

XIT® Grounding Systems
XIT® Straight Shaft
XIT® Deep Well
Lynconite II® Backfill
Lyncole XIT® Grounding Gravel®
Cover Boxes

Additional Electrical Protection
Lugs and Connectors
Bus Bars
Exothermic Materials

Along with our incomparable XIT® systems, Lyncole is proud to partner with other industry leaders in meter manufacturing. Our meter partners are Megger® and AEMC®. Both of these iconic companies are over 100 years old and provide the most advanced and reliable instruments manufactured today. From ground test meters, to HiPot testers, TDRs and Megohmeters, Lyncole can provide the industry best for your use. Read about these products on the following pages.

AEMC® Products
Megger® Products
GRM 2000RS

Engineering & Design Grounding Services

Lyncole’s Technical Services employs years of real-world experience and a scientific, engineering process to design grounding systems that meet or exceed any site’s grounding requirements. With over 100 years of combined engineering experience our team provides unmatched expertise in all aspects of grounding for your site and facility. We have provided customized site and facility grounding designs for virtually all industry leaders.

The quality and reliability of our engineering and design services we deliver are paramount. This includes:

Over 50,000 Lyncole XIT® rods have been installed across the globe. Each grounding system we design is made for the specific site where it will be installed and to meet or exceed our client’s requirements. Whether computer clean-rooms, communication towers, environmentally challenging conditions, or mobile units as used by American Forces in Desert Storm, or other unique installations – Lyncole is the originator and leader in the field.

Grounding Education Services

Lyncole has taken its experience and created education services that are unmatched in the industry, providing public and private courses where attendees can get real world and up-to-date experience combined with hands-on demonstrations. Industry leaders such as T-Mobile, Motorola, Verizon, AT&T and NASA send their staff to us for training. Lyncole instructors have years of knowledge gained through research and work in the field that offer you and your personnel on the latest methods and thinking in ground system design, monitoring and maintenance.

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We take grounding safety very seriously. Over 50,000 Lyncole XIT® rods have been installed across the globe.

For today’s modern industrial facilities conventional approaches to Lightning Protection are often impractical or even impossible