Commercial & Industrial Lightning Protection

Without a proper Grounding, Lightning Protection, Surge Suppression and a Lightning Warning system, you risk critical equipment failing when it is needed most. Every piece of electronic equipment found in an industrial and commercial environment is subjected to induced currents generated on the utility grid either inside or outside of a facility. Damage from electrical fault and transient currents occur from lightning, but more often occur from normal utility switching operations or from unintentional grounding of electrical conductors. These sudden power surge changes in the electrical circuit can be both internal and external. External sources are caused by: lightning, switching on/off of capacitor banks, power-line disconnection and reconnection, transformer switching on/off, power utility load switching, and poor quality of power transmission and distribution grids. While internal sources are caused by: circuit breakers or fuses, electric motors, air conditioners, and VDSs generators.

These transient overvoltage’s can cause failure, degradation, or temporary malfunction of electronic devices and systems. Therefore, it’s important to guard against these different threats to protect your personnel and equipment. Lyncole has solved these challenges with its Total Site and Facility Protection Systems in the Commercial and Industrial markets. Our site specific Grounding, Lightning Protection, Surge Suppression and Lightning Warning Systems provide for Total Site and Facility Protection.

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