Our purpose is to provide total site and facility lightning protection. We accomplish this by designing site specific lightning protection, grounding solutions, surge suppression, and lightning warning systems. These systems provide solutions to protect your operations and infastructures while offering a piece of mind; never worry about down time again! 

Our Capabilities

  • Science based engineering for Total Site and Facility Protection
  • Grounding System Design
  • Lightning Protection System Design
  • Surge Supression System Design
  • Lightning Warning System Design
  • Specification Review & Writing
  • Ground System Testing
  • Earth Resistance & Soil Resistivity Testing
  • Electrical System Safety Audits
  • Turnkey Installation Services
  • Detailed Site Surveys with reports including grounding, bonding, surge suppression and lightning protection
  • Testing & monitoring
  • Grounding Courses and Educational Seminars


In 1985 Betty Robertson, E.E., founded Lyncole XIT® Grounding with the mission of providing the best products and services in electrical protection and grounding. Prior to starting her own company Betty worked as an engineer for Continental Telephone, which she credits as one of the leaders in developing site protection and grounding protection for telephony equipment and contributing to the creation of industry standards. She then joined Hughes Aircraft in Torrance, California. At the time, Hughes was using a new invention called the XIT as their standard for grounding systems. The XIT product was the first “electrolytic” ground rod that has become the standard in the industry for high performance grounding. Designed to supply its own moisture for adding to the electrical conductivity for grounding purposes, the XIT system provided a unique, low resistance, long life grounding system. When the XIT patent became available Betty seized the opportunity. She put both of her degrees, one in business and one in engineering to work by starting Lyncole, buying the rights to the XIT System and by establishing the only full-time staff of experienced grounding engineers in the industry.

In 2008, Lyncole joined, VFC Lightning Protection which added an additional dimension to our capabilities. Together Lyncole and VFC are the industry’s innovative leaders with the most experienced staff in the industry in providing Total Site and Facility Protection. Lyncole’s engineers provide a full range of grounding, lightning protection, surge suppression and lightning warning sytems, from the design phase through on-site installations. With over 100 years of combined engineering experience, specializing in grounding, lightning protection services, and facility protection, we are able to perform Site Specific Grounding and Lightning Protection Designs, Ground Potential Rise Studies, Soil Resistivity Testing, Site Audits & Surveys, Installation Surveys and Grounding System Compliance Testing.  Additionally, Lyncole has taken its experience and created education services that are unmatched in the industry, providing public and private courses where attendees can get real world and up-to-date experience combined with hands-on demonstrations.  Our foundation was built on the belief that every company, nationwide, from ground to roof, including personnel and equipment, demand the best lightning protection systems, fault currents, and transient noise. For over 30 years we have combined our ingenuity and our expertise to design and develop innovative engineered solutions for over 20,000 businesses worldwide. Our expertise makes the axiom of “doing it right the first time” a reality with a significant cost-saving benefit.

Lyncole, Where Grounding Bonds With Science®.